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Best Practices



When sizing images, it's important to understand that resolution is lost once you go from a larger image to a smaller image AND that you cannot make a smaller image larger and maintain resolution, only a larger image smaller. So always start with the highest resolution you can and maintain that original in case you need to go back to it. 

Image modifications should be made prior to uploading any file to the CMS.  Here are a couple of online photo editing sites we recommend:

and Learning Opportunities:

U-M Teaching and Technology Collaborative

Size Restrictions and Recommendations

All references in this section will be presented as Width x Height (in pixels).  There is often not technical restriction on height; in those instances the tilde symbol is used.

People Profiles - 165 x 200 (will be automatically resized to 57 X 69 on summary page, but show as full size on Detail page.)

Publications - 165 x 250

Slide Show – 571 X 304

Full Page Width (white space only, not navigation bar) – 495 x ~

Home Left Column – 255 x ~

Home Right Column – 220 x ~

Subpage Equal Column – 220 x ~

Subpage Large Column – 300 x ~

Subpage Narrow Column – 150 x ~

Gallery - For best results, your gallery images should all have the same dimensions.

Acceptable File Formats

LSA recommends you use only JPG, PNG or GIF files because of their broad-reaching compatibility compared to other image formats.

  • Use JPG or PNG if the image has many, many colors and/or complex patterns (e.g. photographs).
  • Use GIF if the image has relatively few colors or no complex patterns (e.g. a simple button graphic).

File Resolution

DPI (dots per inch) is the measurement used within the printing and graphics design industry to determine how sharp an image is. Web graphics, online pictures, etc. are normally created at 72 dpi (dots per inch), this low resolution is great for the web because the images look excellent on a computer monitor and the file sizes are very small.