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AEM Updates

v2.4.0 Released 11/1/2016

An important group of updates to the AEM project affecting LSA and Department sites released and deployed to production on 11/1/2016. 

Notable Changes:

  • The News pages teaser now supports basic HTML formatting including bold and italics tags
  • News feed on profile pages should disappear from live pages when not configured, v2.3 showed a continual spinning graphic
  • Cache rules updated for pages with Events list: Homepage, News-Events page and Event Calendar pages. These pages have a cache that should expire after one day
  • People summaries now support right-click open on tag links
  • Added the page title when a page is printed
  • Email notification when profiles are updated from the front-end form
  • Improved workflow for creating people tags, now works from changing profile propeties via /siteadmin#/path-to-profile
  • Publication button titles can be customized
  • Added formatting options for Publication details
  • Added Streaming Video component called Wowza. Contact Instructional Support Services for support for your streaming video
  • Added more options for web-font via Typography Cloud Services. Including options for Extended Roman, Scientific, Modern Greek, Cyrillic, All, and None. 
  • Added new options for the Department Homepage Giving. By request and approval, the Giving component may be positioned lower on the page. In addition, there is "Splash Box" option that may be requested above the Giving component as a way of introducing the department or provide a mission above the fold
  • Added option for three even columns for the Responsive Column component
  • Added drop down menu for LSA pages missing navigation elements
  • For linked images on the LSA site, Shine hover effect option was added via Touch UI component configuration.
  • Handy author uri paths were added /advising /mis /ncid
  • Text justification setting within a Table component cell now works
  • The frontend profile update form should now use the "prod" hostname,
  • The all page emergency alert component was updated to prevent memory issues
  • The Majors/Minors page was updated to use the Programs API offered by MIS. Pages at or below this paath /lsa/academics/majors-minors shall have cache expiration after a day


v2.3.0 Released 8/12/2016 + Regular Maintenance

This was a general group of fixes and updates to the AEM project affecting LSA and Department sites. It was released and deployed to production on 8/12/2016. This release coincided with a brief maintenance outage where monitoring agents were updated and offline maintenance optimized disk space utilization on all instances.

Notable Changes:

  • Added an option in the People Summary component to sort Fields of Study tags alphabetically as opposed to the default sort which is by usage/volume.
  • People are now sorted using first and last names. The sort now collates names containing diacritics grouping these by the base letter. 
  • News Detail pages styling was updated. The broken Category links were corrected, and now link to News Category pages where used. Teaser now supports basic formatting.
  • The Highlighted Works component had a styling update, and the Slider mode now works as expected when configured with 3 or more publications.
  • Changes made using the Profile Update (pencil icon) were not showing on the live pages. This has been corrected and front-end changes are now being replicated across instances.
  • Tiles on the LSA Site now can reference Facebook posts and images.
  • Link in the II sites within the footer was corrected. If used the link will now point to II RSS news feeds were also fixed.
  • Event Search pages now have options to list past events. It can show events from the past 3, 5 or 12 months.
  • Color picker within the authoring environment using the Touch UI will now work on Safari. Chrome and Firefox are recommended. 
  • Handy author URLs were added for /opportunityhub , /advising and /sustainable-living 
Instance Before After
Prod Author

124GB 84GB
Prod Publish 1 125GB 54GB
Prod Publish 2 107GB 56GB
Staging Author 70GB 54GB
Staging Publish 25GB 19GB

v2.2.0 Released 7/13/2016; v2.2.1 Released 7/22/2016

v2.2.0 was the final set of changes before the LSA site launched. It was released and deployed to production on 7/13/2016. The LSA site launched on 7/19/2016 

v2.2.1 was a planned update which deployed on 7/22/2016, a planned post-launch update.

v2.1 Released 7/1/2016

This was a set of code changes to production after deploying v2.0.0 and v2.0.1. v2.1.0 also applied needed Apache dispatcher changes  ahead of the College of LSA site launch. The only site affected was LSA.

Jira Release Report LSA AEM Project for v2.1.0

v2.0.0 Released 6/16/2016; v2.0.1 Released 6/21/2016

v2.0, 6/16/2016 Change Summary

Overview: A new version of the LSA AEM customization package, v2.0.0, will be installed to author and live production instances in the evening of 6/16/2016. This version mostly contains code in support of the upcoming College of LSA site launch. 

While the image below shows many changes bundled with the update, the department site experience should see the following minor changes. 

  • People Lists will now show emails 
  • The 'Text' Component has been renamed to 'Inline Text Editor'
  • Fix added for inconsistently broken Search News functionality
  • Fix added for PDF Processing upon upload to the Digital Asset Manager (dam)
  • Improvement added for pagination styling of the 'Highlighted Works' component when listing more than 10 publications. 
  • The largest image size (Extra Big) was increased from 700 to 800 pixels
  • News Detail images are increased from big (500) to xbig (800)
  • Transform / Quality in the 'Caption Image, 'Text/Image' and 'Inline Text Editor' dialog Advanced Tab was not working. It can now be used to set the size/quality of the image. 
  • News Archive and Recent News components now have an option to override the default news search path as set on the homepage. This allows more flexibility in the organization of News articles and News Summary pages.
  • Sites can now be configured to use additional search collections. In case the users should be able to search not just the department site, but other related sites. Contact Web Services for more info about this.
  • Search keyword matches now have a special styling and are displayed above the normal search results.
  • The 'Slideshow' component now uses larger images, 800px wide not 700px. It now shows an animated spinner while the slide loads. Fixes were applied for to correct a problem that resulted in breaking the slideshow occasionally 
  • Profile Pages now show the correct email in the site footer.
  • Pages using the Publication Detail template can now be hidden from the navigation.

With v2.0.1 on 6/21/2016 over 2GB of webpage and assets were moved from staging to production. 

AEM Updates week of 5/23/2016 - 5/27/2016

  1. 5/23/2016: routine maintenance was performed. This involves Adobe support running repository compaction and is necessary to sustain a well performing system. Prod author repository disk utilization went from 139GB before the maintencnace to 71GB after. 
  2. 5/23/2016: Repository indexes were rebuilt. There had been some ongoing warning messages in the logs about double value when indexing content. It turns out one of the indexes had duplicate property. It did not appear to effect the system's ability to index or use the index, but it is important to remove the noise from the logs.
  3. 5/24/2016: AEM Service Pack 1 was installed. This is a recommended and necessary upgrade which contained many important fixes and improvements for performance, usability and security. Follow the click to read about the updates. 

V1.3, 4/2016

Along with various improvements and bug fixes here are some other changes which were applied in v1.3. People Summary Page was updated to allow different search paths with tagging filter options.  Course Guide was added to the profile update form. Course guide current classes look was improved for profiles. A paragraph system was added to the accordion component. Added admin option to toggle for "for" in the audience nav.

V1.2.6, 3/3/2016

V1.2.6, 3/3/2016 Change Summary

Corrected bugs with Fields of Study. After 1.2.5 it was showing every tag in the system. The corrected fields of study component will show all tags located below the department code tag.

Given the department code is "lsawebsite" and the site is located under "/content/michigan-lsa, then the fields of study will list tags located under michigan-lsa:lsawebsite.  If there are no tags created under this 'namespace' then the component will read default text when in Edit mode "No fields of study tags located under michigan-lsa:lsasite. You may request LSA Web Services to add some fields of study tags."

The Breadcrumb will now respect 'Hide in Nav' option when listing links to a page's parent pages. If 'Hide in Nav' is clicked on the parent pages, then no link will be presented in the breadcrumb. 

Handy URL Updates. The intent for Handy URL's is to allow users to get right to an editable page by changing the Live URL. For example, inserting the author subdomain to any live page should direct the user to the corresponding page on the AEM author. Examples (omitting .html for the site homepage is only supported after v1.2.6) (omitting .html is still not supported for subpages)

Highlighted Works component next and previous buttons style was made consistent with other paginated components.

When building links to PDF's in the sites Digital Asset Manager folders, there was a bug showing the name of the file. Previously it showed the meta data name extracted from the file which in most cases was not the file name. 


JVM Memory Tuning Parameters

On 3/1/2016 the AEM author instance ran out of memory. The root cause for the service interruption was improperly tuned memory settings, which interfered with the system’s ability to reclaim space (i.e. preform garbage collection). On 2/18/2016 the system was updated to Java 8, but the proper tuning parameters were not applied at that time. Adobe has identified the long term fix for this problem and applied to the author instance at 5PM EST 3/2/2016.

Five Whys (wikipedia)

Why was the author instance so slow? Because memory was exhausted.

Why was memory exhausted? Because Garbage Collection was not reclaiming enough. 

Why was Garbage Collection was not reclaiming enough? BecauseGC algorithms selected were not optimal for a web server.

Why were they not optimal? It was using the older GC algorithms MarkSweep and Scavenge. MarkSweep process appears to have been running away on 3/2 while the Application was utterly stopped.

Why was it running away? The truth is that we don't know exactly why this happened, but we can see that the prior settings are not recommended. Perhaps a large load of images or PDF processing began, which overloaded the memory.

Countermeasures: The last graph show garbage collection after the changes; using the ParNew process (for young generation) andConcurrentMarkSweep (for the old generation heap)





V1.2.5, 2/25/2016 Change Summary

Added site subtext option for the departments' name in the footer. This allows text entered to be placed under the departments' displayed name. Corrected copyright year. Along with other footer changes to improve look. 

Add /content/ii-directory path to LSA news and people indexes. 

Updated Tags to support additional tagging namespaces (such as ii:). Updated various components to make tag namespace configurable.  


V1.2.4, 2/18/2016

V1.2.4, 2/18/2016 Change Summary

Many changes were applied to the system; some behind the scenes, and others add functional or design improvements.

Publications recieved a few updates. First they are no longer unstyled so-called "utility pages." Publications are now properly styled like any other page. They have the publication information from page properties styled similar to the "Highlighted Works" component. Secondly, the publications rich text editor for the description is configured with paste and spell-check options. This allows description text to be uniformly styled by the site CSS. 

News Story detail pages had a black bar along on the right side when viewed on mobile devices. This occurs when the page content overflows the page template, and can happen on any page by using unresponsive fixed width elements. The News detail problem was related to the social buttons, and has been corrected as of v1.2.4. 

Optional News Paths were added to the homepage page properties. This multi-select path-field enabled sites to pull news from other AEM sites. For example, the International Institute has many centers each with its own AEM site. These sites are tightly related and are required to share news stories. The II and associated sites are expected to launch in early March 2016.

The Profile Update Form received many updates. An edit link can be enabled (only by Web Services) for the sites which will allow users to more readily access the update form and submit changes in a secure way through weblogin. Image cropping can now be done through the update form. Image size and type validation will inform users when the image changes cannot be accepted. Changes to improve styling of the update form and user experience were applied in v1.2.4

LinkedIn social icon option was added for the footer. There still remains a practical limit for footer height (322px with no background image), so department author should exercise discretion when making changes to the footer. Contact Web Services if you require assistance. 

The YouTube component was updated. In most cases, the new component will automatically allow full screen and other controls users expect when playing YouTube embedded videos. If the controls are still missing, then try setting the aspect ratio drop-down from the component dialog to match as closely as possible the video aspect ratio. Size options can also play a factor.  

Featured Events had a bug which sometimes prevented those events from displaying on department Homepages or News & Events pages. This happened when there were several regular events occuring before the featured event. This was corrected in v1.2.4 by making an additional query if the first group did not contain any featured event.

Off-Campus is an option available when creating events through the Happening @ Michigan system. If you select "Off-campus" then there will be an additional text field for location. AEM now picks up this information and displays it on the Event Detail page with AEM. When this option is used, the campus map button on the AEM event detail pages is disabled. 

Migrated images are images that were created in the process of migrating the content from OpenText to AEM. These images used a slightly different image component. This was corrected in v1.2.4, and all migrated images now behave the same as an Image component pulled form the Sidekick.

The Accordion component had a misspelling, which was corrected. 


changes you probably won't notice;

Java JDK was upgraded to 8u73. This should present no apparent change to users other than possibly a better performing more secure system.

New Relic system monitoring was configured to provide deep analytics and more insight into system performance.

Tracker JS was the mechanism AEM attempted to use to track page impressions. This information is displayed as impressions from the author instance. This system was resulting in countless permission denied errors. In v1.2.4, Tracker JS has been quarantined. Page view statistics and all other analytics are tracked in Google Analytics, which is not affected by this action.


V1.2.3 12/11/2015

Profile fields of studies tags shown on profile pages will now be displayed in the order in which there were entered.

Profile job titles were allowing too much HTML coding. This was corrected and now allows only plain text and <br> tags.

The 'Next' button on people summary pages was corrected. It would shown even when there were no more summaries. 

Sub-calendars can now override the "Featured Tag", allowing departments to feature different events on these calendars.

The Asset Gallery needed updates so titles or descriptions show. The asset gallery also required fixes for the next and previous buttons.

Google Analytics updates. Clicks on buttons, giving, slideshow links, the accordion, the four-button are now tracked events in Google Analytics. All keyword searches from the top search bar and from the people summary pages are also tracked Google Analytics.

Search bar in the header received a user interface (UI) improvement such that it gives users' a cue when searching is under way. While searching is under way, the button is now disabled.

The department footer needed style fixes on tablet and mobile view-ports. Also on the footer, the department phone number was not always displayed correctly. This was fixed.

Event details pages updated to preserve the line-breaks. This also effected the description shown when the event is featured on the homepage, caledar and News & Events page.


V1.2.2 11/19/2015

V1.2.2  11/19/2015


The profile page names are now the combined first and last names fields, automatically. Previously, the profile pages had a separate property for the page name. However, that didn't make sense, and at times was problematic. Now profiles pages are always named with the combined first and last name fields for the individual.

Author instance Handy URL's. Authors may now quickly navigate to department pages by entering a vanity path (plus ".html"). For example, /aem-train.html or /aem-train/people.html

Profile creation automatic tasks; hide-in-nav and unique name tags. Upon creating a new profile page, the system should automatically create a tag assuming that page property option is checked. Additionally, individual profile pages should not be present in the left side navigation. Intead profiles summaries are included on People Summary templates. 

Wordpress Icon for the footer. Set the path from the homepage properties social tab. Please note that on author outbound links may not work unless Edit mode is disabled (use the green check in the Sidekick).

Department Admin properties. Certain hompage properties have migrated to a new department administration page. Department administration page properties are managed by U-M LSA Web Services. 

Navigation Title. On any given page there is a basic tab, which has title and the meta description. As of v1.2.2 you can now utilize Navigation Title. This will change the page title as it appears in the audience "for," header "functional," left hand sub-page, and breadcrumb navigations. This would have no effect for any page using the 'hide in' option.

New People Summary template with optional search path. When clicking on fields of study from profile pages or summaries, by default that would show all department people utilizing the tag. That was not always desirable. For new People Summary pages, the search page is now configurable. The people list component has some intricacies, so please let Web Services assist you/ 

AEM Whitescreen Issue. As of AEM6.1 there has been a problem with expired author sessions. This has two manifestations; a blank page on every path, or redirected to token.json page where a long string is show. To reduce the chances of these problems of occuring, we have reduced the session expiration. This is not however addressing the root cause of the problem. If it happens please try the following

  1. Edit the URL bar so that it reads only the hostname with no path, press enter
  2. If this does not help, then close the browser entirely and restart it. That will end your sessions and allow you to sign in again.

Profile Updates. Those department faculty, staff and students with AEM Profile pages will soon be able to update some portions of their pages by authenticating through Google. Their updates will only be allowed if the unique name for the profile matches their Google email. More information is posted with instructions for using this feature.

Maintenance Items

  • Used storage space was reduced by 15G 
  • Repository indexes were reindexed

V1.2.1, 10/29/2015

V1.2.1, 10/29/2015

• Code changes Required by AEM6.1; Various Page, Component and Template changes to comply with Sightly Framework. Security CSRF and login updates required for AEM6.1.

• Optimizations; Large png’s had much larger file sizes than necessary. Now converted to jpeg format for a significant file size reduction, Slideshows now lazy load images. This allows pages with multiple slides to load faster. Combined style images into image sprites,  Total Removed = 190k (22 resources) Total Added = 43k + 11K = 54K (2 resources) Total Savings = 146k Approximate Homepage change = -100k, Steps to optimized JS and CSS delivery,  various rendering and style updates.

• Minor Updates; Alphabetize news tag sorting on news search template,  Color options added to Accordion component, Left side nav 'All Events' link fixed when on Events detail page,  Style correction for Recent News,  Use semi-colon to delimit fields of study tags on profile pages and summaries,  Recent News and News Archive Images now link to the news story,  Front-end tagging permissions changed and were not available for a period shortly after the updated. This should be resolved now. Web-fonts updated to allow latin character accents.

• New Feature: Profile Update Form. Any LSA UMICH user with an LSA profile can now directly submit changes to their profiles.  Access it by changing the profile URL ending to .edit.html  Users authenticate through Google using their UMICH kerberos credentials.  They grant the system to confirm basic user information.  They submit updates to the live system through an update form.  Read more about the LSA Profile Update Form

AEM6.1 Upgrade 10/29/2015

AEM6.1 Upgrade 10/29/2015

There should not be obvious changes to the typical department authoring experience immediately. There are many backend and system improvements. AEM6.1 will enable implementation of new features. Over time, AEM6.1 will enable new and improved authoring interfaces. Upgrading to AEM6.1 was a necessary step in the LSA homepage development.More Information about AEM6.1 can be found in the release notes