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People Summary Pages

An example of a 'level 1' people page. This shows all profiles for LSA DMC Web Services.

People sumary pages are intended to list profile summaries for the people within the department or unit. These summary pages are built hierarchically. 

/people: shows summaries for all profiles under this path

/people/faculty: shows summaries for profiles under faculty

/people/administration: shows summaries for profiles under administration

Homepage Properties 

People Page: This is a required field, which points to the "main" level 1 people summary page. That page shows summaries of all department people. 

Fields of Study Page: The fields of study page configuration is used by the system to determine the landing page of users when browsing people tags. In AEM, we refer to department specific people tags as "fields of study." On a people summary page, users can browse the department fields of study, and clicking "More" will take the user to this page.

Note: It is important that the "Department Code" set on the first tab of the homepage properties matches the department name used in the tag path as well as the name used in the department website url (e.g. webservices, soc, rll, etc).  

Homepage Properties with the people configurations highlighted

People Summary Options

The above usage of the people summary describes the simplest and most common usage of the people summary page. With no special configuration it shows summaries of profiles stored in the sub-pages of that page. Sometimes it is necessary to show people summaries from other paths, such as if the profile should be summarized in another page. The People Summary page has two different sets of configurations:

People List Component Properties

Access people summary component properties by right-clicking the 'people list' component shown on the 'people summary' page, and selecting 'edit.'

Items per page: This alters the number of profile summaries to show on the page. The default is 12. This setting is only used when "Directory View" is not checked.  

Directory View: The people list component has two views. The default is Gallery which shows profile images, a full-text search field, alphabetical last initial filtering, pagination, and a fields-of-study drop-down. The directory view is greatly simplified list of all the profiles, and is absent many of the gallery features, but is useful in some cases. 

People Summary Page Properties

Access the page properties using the Sidekick menu option. Here you can set optional people summary configurations; Tags and Search Path.

Tags: This alters the way the people list component queries for department profiles. With no tags applied it searches hierarchically as described above. If tags are applied, then it searches under the main level-1 people pages for all profiles with that tag.

Search Path: This will override the search path used by the people list component. Instead of searching under the main level-1 people page as configured on the homepage properties, it will search under the path specified by this field.