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Background: Events in AEM pulls event data from a separate umich system. This page documents various ways to use this event data within your department website.

Homepage Properties

Event Sponsor ID

The first step is to determine what thet department Event Sponsor ID is. If you're department does not already have a Sponsor ID, then your department can obtain one from Happening at Michigan. Learn your Event Sponsor ID by following these steps;

  1. Login into  Happening at Michigan
  2. Click 'My Groups"
  3. Click the main department sponsor group 
  4. The sponsor ID is listed in the URL. For example if the group URL is, then the sponsor ID is 3530
All Events Page

This is a required homepage configuration, and should be set to the main Department Events calendar page. It used to determine the url for "All Events" 

Events Search Page

This is an optional homepage configuration. Departments should set this if they are using the Events Search page template. For example, this is an event search page for psych

Featured Event Tag

This is a homepage property that is used to flag special events offered by the department. Typically departments use the events system tag 'AEM Featured' We would encourage all departments to use this convention. A Featured Event will be given special styling to make the event very visible on the site. It is highly recommended that Featured Events also have images, otherwise these events may be treated as regular events. 


Homepage: Featured Event

Homepage Example: Featured Event

Featured Event as shown on the department homepage. These will be pulled out and listed with a separate tab. There is no image requirement for this styling.

News and Events Page: Featured Event

News and Events: Featured Event

Most department websites should have a News and Events page. This page is a summary of all the news and events for the department. The Featured Event requires an image to recieve the prominent styling provided by on this page.

Calendar Page: Featured Event

Departments should have Event Calendar pages. Featured Events will be shown above the calendar table. Featured Events require images to be displayed as shown above the calendar table.

More Advanced Use-cases for Sub-calendars

Right-click or double click the Calendar component to access the dialog options.

Sub-calendar: Optional Category Tag(s)

A list of tags from U-M Events

Sub-calendars can show a subset of the events from the main department sponsor filtered by a particular tag. In AEM, we refer to this usage of tags as a category. A sub-calendar may have multiple category tags. Events from the department sponsor with any of the category tags will be included.

Sub-calendar: Group Cosponsor

Often times departments request highly specific tags, which the events administrators may reject. To work around this limitation, departments may instead request a co-sponsor ID. These can be as specific as the departments desire. Then the AEM sub-calendar can be configured to use the co-sponsor ID, which would only show events from that group. 

Events from Co-sponsor groups will not show in the main department calendar unless both groups are added to the event as either sponsor or co-sponsor.

Alternate Featured Event Tag

Starting with v1.2.3, Department Calendar pages have an option to override the featured events tag from the calendar component dialog. This makes it possible to feature different events on a sub-calendar and the all-events pages for example. To use this option, edit the event and select an appropriate tag, which should be different than the homepage Featured Event Tag. Edit the calendar in AEM where you want this event to be featured adding the alternate tag.