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AEM Project Dashboard

Below is an overview of the AEM Project Dashboard environment.

Project Tile (default view for page) – Entry point to website “pieces” for each department website.

Assets View – All assets (images, pdf’s, word docs, etc.) department authors have permission to access. Additionally, there will be a folder called LSA Shared Assets that houses “Day in the Life” photos from Michigan Creative, as well as any other images LSA Marketing makes available to departments. 

Selecting Projects from the left hand navigation takes you back to your Website Project Tile. Clicking once on the project tile takes you to the above multi-tile view containing information about your site, including:

1) Admin Info: Clicking on ellipses reveals information about site that should be edited only by Web Services.

2) Assets: Specific to your project folder (i.e., the image associated with your project tile). These assets are different from the Assets you see under the Assets tab in the left menu.

3) Experiences: (MOST IMPORTANT AREA OF PAGE). The way you access you’re homepage within the on-page editing user interface (UI) (i.e., your editing site).

4) Workflows: (Not active in LSA Pilot Stage)

5) The Team: The owners and editors associated with your site.

Once you click your Experience (“Department of ______ Website”) on your Dashboard, you’ll be taken to a page with a single tile that represents your home page (below left).

Hovering over the tile exposes a series of icons for the page:

Projects Sub Menu

a. Editing Pencil – Takes you directly to on-page editing UI of your homepage.

b. Properties – Site information like title of site, design used, group membership, etc.

c. Copy – Makes a copy of any page of your site and triggers a paste button to appear across the top page menu (to the right of the plus sign).

d. Move – Move the page to another location on your site

e. Publish (aka Activate) – Make the page Live at name

Search – Allows you to search within your site for a page. Includes ability to limit search by date modification time/date and published or “Live Copy” status, which is a very complex page management system for managing multiple separate websites.

Timeline – Page information, including Date page create, and by whom; last edited; and any comments left by other authors.

References – Any references to this page within other pages of site.

Enter Selection –  When you click check mark, then click tile, additional menu items (assets folder) are activated.

Create – Create new page at this level of site (Please don’t!).