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Uploading Files to the DAM (digital asset manager)

First, navigate to the AEM Site Admin interface in one of two ways:

From your on-page editing interface (, click on the globe icon in the lower right corner of your sidekick, which will open that page in the Site Admin Interface or type "" into the URL section of your browser.

(Image included at bottom of page showing next 3 steps)

  1. In the Site Admin menu bar (green area at top of page), click on the camera icon to display your website assets. 

  2. Select the folder into which you want to upload an asset. At this point you can either drag and drop the document or image from your computer directly onto the Site Admin, or 

  3. Select "New" in the menu above the assets and follow these next steps:

    1. Click on the browse button in the pop-up window that appears and navigate to your computer and select the file (for instance, "IPCAA Handbook_7-7-16")

    2. Click the "Open" button to navigate to the file on your computer. Once you've loccated the file on your computer and selected it, click the OK button to add it to the pop-up window in AEM.

    3. Back in AEM, select the "Upload" button.

    4. The file is now added to the DAM and available for use on your website to drag and drop from the content finder into a link field or image tab in the on-page editing interface ( or via the magnifying glass feature on every link field in AEM.
Site Admin Interface in AEM