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You can choose to display publications in AEM as either a page on your website listing recent publications for your department (or all publications if you choose), or as individual publications (limit 2) on people profiles.

Adding a publications listing requires that you first determine where you want the page to "live." Many departments choose to list it under People, but it is entirely up to you to make that determination.

The steps to creating a Publications page are the same as creating any other new page of content in AEM:

1. Navigate to the parent level page under which you want the publication page to live.

2. Select the page tab in the sidekick.

3. Select "Create Child Page."

4. Give the page a Title.

5. Select the "Highlighted Works Page" template.

6. Click OK.

7. Add individual publications to the page that were previously created or migrated into AEM (see steps below image for instructions) by right clicking and then selecting edit, on the highlighted works component on the page.

Creating Individual Publication Pages

Adding Publications to People Profiles in AEM is a two-step process. The first step is to add the new content, just as you do any other, by creating a child page under the profile page of the author. The second step requires that you then pull the publication into a Highlighted works component.

Step 1: Adding a publication to the system

1. Go to the faculty members profile page to which you’d like to add a publication.

2. In the Sidekick, click on the Page tab.

3. Click on Create Child page.

4. Title Field = Title of the publication.

5. Name Field = blank (will take on title field and best for Search Engine Optimization (SEO))

6. Select “Publication Detail Page” from list of Templates.

7. Click Create.

8. A new page will open with the Title you entered for the Publication Detail Page appearing at the top (you can choose to hide the header after page is created).

9.      Click on Page Properties in the Sidekick to reveal this dialog window:

10. Fill in fields --- The “Contribution” field should be either the name of the author, or, Editor, Contributor, Translator, etc.

11. Select image tab and drag a book/journal cover image from the content finder, or click on drop zone and upload an image from another source (jump drive, desktop, etc.)

11. Click OK.

The publication now exists as a page on your site, but does not appear anywhere in the navigation. You can access it through the Site Admin (example below) or add it to a highlighted works template or component (steps below image).

Adding Publications to a People Profile or Highlighted Works Page

1. Navigate to the Publications page or to the people profile page for the person for which you just created the publication.

2. For a People Profile, drag a “Highlighted Work” component into the drop zone at the bottom of the People Profile.

3. Edit the Highlighted Work component on the publications page or the people profile (right click, select edit).

4. You may create a new header for this component, or check the box to hide the header entirely.

5. Click on “Add Item” in the Search Publications field. 

6. Click on the magnifying glass* or use the search box out to the right to search by the title of the publication you just created.

        *To use the magnifying glass:

        a. Navigate through the tree to get to the people section of your website.

        b. Click on the plus sign to the left of the appropriate faculty name.

        c. Select the appropriate publication.

7. Click OK.

8. Click the reload button in the lower right of the Sidekick or in your browser.

Repeat above steps to add an additional publication (limit 2 per profile page).