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Creating a New Page

To create page using the On Page editing UI:

  1. Navigate to the parent page you want the new page to fall under (About Us, Undergrad, etc…).
  2. Click on the Page Tab in the Sidekick.
  3. Click on Create Child Page.
    1. Give the new page a Title (page title that will show on the page)  
      1. The name field should be left blank. The system will auto populate the name field and will add dashes between words, which is how the URL for the page is created. For example: the page titled “About AEM” on the train site, has a URL that reads “about-aem.html.” Google uses the dashes to locate the correct pages on your site. If there were no dash, Google would read the title of this page as “aboutaem,” which doesn’t make any sense.
      2. Select the appropriate Template for the new page you are creating (see list below).
      3. Click Create. You will be taken to the new page.


If you are adding a series of new pages under your Parent Page, you need to navigate back up to the Parent Page each time, as the system automatically takes you to the new page you just created.