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Adding Components

All components available for AEM sites are listed on the Components Tab in the Sidekick. Click and drag components from the Sidekick to the page and/or columns that have a Drop Zone (dotted box with text that says: “Drag and drop components here”).

Components List

Components are sorted alphabetically within the Sidekick. For specific instructions on each components, please refer to the Web Editors Training Manual.

Component Purpose

Hide a body of text underneath an accordion graphic. Body is revealed when user clicks on header area (includes a title and a + sign).

NEW April 2016: Components that may be dropped inside Accordion

  • captioned_image
  • definition-list
  • image
  • table
  • text
  • textimage
  • title
Asset Gallery Display a collection of images on the page (4, 8, 12 or 16).
Audio Upload an audio file into this component for users to hea+r.
Button Button graphic to link to assets, pages of your site, or external URLs.
Captioned Image Image component that includes gray shading underneath and a caption field. Caption appears directly below image.
Chart Display information in Graphic chart format by importing .CSV data into this component.
Definition List Formatted list for terms specific to your department and their definitions.
Download Make information available for download by your audience. Much like the document content type in Open Text.
Events List Display a column of upcoming events on any page of your site.
External Enables you to embed external applications into your page using an iframe. For example, a Google Calendar or a Wikipedia page.
Fields of Study List Dynamically shows Fields of Study tags associated with People Profiles.
Four Button Button graphic that allows for 4 links to assets or URLs
Highlighted Work Dynamically shows Highlighted works associated with a department
Image with Crop Allows for cropping of images freely or to a 4:3 ratio, which is the default ratio for the LSA site design.
List - Sightly Creates a formatted (linked) list based upon criteria you select (child pages, fixed list, search or tags).
News Archive Display recent news on any page of your site.
Reference Refer to a different section of your site (replicate it) by pulling specific content  onto page.
Responsive Columns Allows for 1-4 columns on a page
Sitemap Dynamically pulls the site information architecture on a page.
Slideshow Add a dynamic slideshow to any page on your site.
Social Displays Twitter and Facebook Feeds.
Table Creates a formatted table.
Tag Cloud Exactly what it sounds like….
Text Basic text component.
Text & Image Allows for text and image to be displayed together with appropriate text wrapping and spacing around image.
Title – Slightly Basic title component that can appear above any piece of content.
YouTube Video Embed YouTube videos. Use only text that follows “v=” in YouTube URL.