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Graduate Student Mentor Program

Come Join Changing Gears!

Who are we?

  • We connect incoming transfer students primarily from community colleges to graduate mentors from across all disciplines!
  • The graduate mentors are matched with transfer students, and help them acclimate to the University of Michigan through one-on-one meetings, group activities, workshops, and research projects.
  • Mentors expose students to graduate school and inform them of graduate school processes, procedures, and professional opportunities.

Why join?

  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • The opportunity to provide knowledge and resources to community college students who only have two years to complete their degree (thus, information and time is of the essence).
  • Research and mentoring experience looks great when applying to post-doctoral and faculty positions at any university.
  • An avenue to share with students the value in conducting research.
  • The hours and time commitment are flexible.
  • The UROP office is an inclusive, diverse, and fun community.

Want to apply?
Click HERE to fill out the application due by Monday, October 8th.

Contact Matthew Rubbo, UROP Graduate Student intern at