The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, Division of Reptiles and Amphibians, presently maintains a collection of radiograph film plates (some with images of caecilians). In order to make these more accessible for research, they are digitizing the film plates and associating them with diagrams of the individual specimens. Approximately 40% of the caecilian specimens are catalogued at UMMZ, while the rest exist in museum collections worldwide. They have borrowed research material from other museum collections with permission to digitize their radiographs. By sharing this collection of digital images associated with the diagrams of the individual specimens (a new feature possible in DLPS as per ourĀ IIIF compliance), this should be of great value to other museum collections in their efforts.

Visit the Herpetology radiographs collection.

Many thanks to Greg Schneider, the Library Copyright Office, Roger Espinosa and Rob McIntyre for making the collection possible. Please contact Rob with any questions.