A series of extremely generous donations from Dr. Theodore J. Cohn created the Theodore H. Hubbell Endowment for Systematic Research in Orthoptera Fund at the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.

Cohn presented his first gift to establish the endowment in December 2009. The majority of funding was donated through Cohn's bequest since his death in November 2012. Cohn was an orthopteran (crickets and katydids) specialist and a long-term adjunct curator of insects in UMMZ. Cohn received his Ph.D. at U-M in 1961 and served on the faculty of San Diego State University from 1964 -1993, retiring as professor emeritus of biology.

“Theodore J. Cohn brought unparalleled dedication and unending enthusiasm to one of the primary loves of his life – Orthoptera!” said Professor Lacey Knowles. “Spanning decades of field collections, examination of specimens, and taxonomic study, Ted’s work has also produced many other intangibles – a collective of countless interactions with researchers, students, colleagues, orthopteran enthusiasts, and friends, where Ted has left an indelible mark. This legacy, where Ted’s incredibly positive outlook on life and his humor were forever present, will be carried on in all those who have had the opportunity to know Ted Cohn.