On 25 March 2015 the Fish Division of the UMMZ was pleased to host a workshop on identification of invasive fish species for members of the Law Enforcement Committee of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC) at the Varsity Drive collection facility.

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission was founded in 1955 to coordinate fishery research, conservation and invasive species control efforts among U.S. and Canadian agencies at multiple levels of government.  The workshop focused on invasive carps, minnows (Cyprinidae) and snakeheads (Channidae), and was supplemented by specimens of invasive mollusks supplied by the Mollusk Division. Dr. Kevin Wehrly, Michigan Dept. Natural Resources, organized the event and co-taught the workshop.   The GLFC attendees described their visit asextremely useful and productive and are considering a return visit to examine additional fish species.