The Brazilian Society of Ichthyologist Bulletin features an interview with Doug Nelson, collections manager for the Museum of Zoology’s Fish Division at the University of Michigan. The article is written by Andréa Thomaz, a U-M graduate student in ecology and evolutionary biology. Nelson describes the history of the museum’s fish collection and his role as the collection manager.

The first paragraph of the publication is in Portuguese. Translated (via Google translate)it says:

“Douglas Nelson is a researcher and technician of the fish collection of the Museum of Zoology at the University of Michigan (UMMZ). During his more than 30 years in that position, he was extremely important for the growth, organization and digitizing of one of the largest fish collections in the world today. Recently, he was responsible for moving the entire UMMZ collection of fish to a new building, built especially for the collections stored in alcohol. In addition, Nelson is extremely dedicated to his task and always happy to help ichthyologists, through visits, loans and scans. In this interview, Doug briefly recounts his career and shares some of the material present in the collection of UMMZ, especially with respect to the Neotropical fish.”