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Experimental Design

If where we work affects how we work, then why not design a space to yield great work? The new BSB is a good spot for an experiment about what kinds of space support innovations, breakthroughs, and a positive impact on the world.

- Elizabeth Wason

Category: Research

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Citizen science: Research Museums Center prairie restoration project begins

“The goal of the prairie restoration project is to restore part of the RMC grounds to a pollinator friendly prairie with Michigan native plants.” ~ Dr. Erika Tucker, Insect Division collection manager, U-M Museum of Zoology

- Gail Kuhnlein

Category: Graduate; Museum of Zoology; Outreach

Tags: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Herbarium; Christopher Dick; L. Lacey Knowles; Anton Reznicek; Research Museums Center; Sasha Bishop; Erika Tucker

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