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Teacher FAQ

Below are answers to the most common questions teachers have when deciding on a Planetarium program. Other questions can be directed to the Planetarium Director, Matthew Linke at 734.647.1381 or via email

Can I schedule my group through the Planetarium Director?  While questions may be answered by the Director, you need to schedule through the main Museum office. This office maintains the master schedule and can provide you with additional information and materials.

How do I choose the best program for my students?  If you have a curriculum topic in astronomy, we can teach to it. We offer basic programs on at least two educational levels on the night sky, the moon, and planets. We have programs that focus on cultural studies, on history, and on motion. In addition, we have a "Mix and Match" program in which you discuss your needs with the Planetarium Director and design a custom program around four or five topics to make a program that is an exact fit for your students.

Is my show going to be live or recorded? This depends on the program you choose.  We offer both. With few exceptions, our recorded programs also include a short, live night sky talk. Star talks, "Mix and Match," "Solar System Live," and "Sun, Earth, and Moon" are all live. Others are a combination, and some are recorded.

Are parents admitted for free? Your program fee, based on the number of students you have on the day of your program, includes free admission for one teacher. Chaperones are counted as paying customers. You have the option of giving your free spot to a Chaperone.