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Family Reading & Science Program

The U-M Museum of Natural History is happy to announce the Family Reading and Science program series for 2018: Big Changes!

The Family Reading and Science program brings hands-on science activities that engage the whole family in science learning to partner libraries across S.E. Michigan. The program consists of three workshops (one each in Jan, Feb and Mar) offered at your site. We bring all materials, staff and specimens to deliver the program. Your patrons receive an hour long workshop on a variety of high interest science topics that they can explore with their whole family...and we all have fun!

This year's theme: Big Changes will highlight the concept that nothing stays the same for very long on planet Earth! Dynamic forces are at play every day and they are all around us.

In Workshop 1: The Ever Changing Earth, we will look at how the very land we walk on is shifting beneath us. Learn about plate tectonics, volcanoes, erosion and more as we see the amazing forces that have shaped the Earth.

Workshop 2: How Humans Change the Earth will look at all the ways that human activity changes our planet. We will look at habitat and climate changes and also the many physical artifacts of our activities. We will explore ways we can make positive changes for our future and how scientists are working hard to find approaches to sustain our planet and the life on it.

Workshop 3: How have animals changed over time?  In Animal Adaptations and Changes we highlight genetics, natural selection, and variation as three drivers of evolution, allowing animals to make big changes to survive in their ever changing world.

To learn more or to schedule a program please contact the program manager Jeanna Fox at or 734 678-0422.