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Mastodon Fun Facts

Former home of the mastodons. They’ll soon be moved to a prominent location as greeters in a five-story glass atrium entrance in the new Biological Sciences Building.
  • The Museum’s iconic mastodons have greeted more than a million visitors since they “became a couple” in 2005. 
  • Our mastodons are the only known display comparing a male and female mastodon in the world.
  • Our mastodons inspired a grassroots effort involving schoolchildren to get mastodons named as Michigan’s State Fossil!

The Owosso Mastodon

  • Was found on a farm in Owosso, Michigan, in the early 1940s.
  • She lived about 11,000 years ago.
  • She was put on display in 1947 -- 70 years ago!
  • She is among the most complete mastodon skeletons ever discovered in Michigan.
  • The Owosso mastodon has welcomed more than four million guests since 1947!

The Buesching Mastodon

  • Was found near Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 1998 on land owned by the Buesching family.
  • He was around 34 years old when he died and weighed approximately 6 tons.
  • He lived about 13,000 years ago.
  • Most of the skeleton is painted casts made from the actual bones. Some are 3D printed models. His bones were returned to Indiana.