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A Mammoth Exhibit Fund

Help us bring the story of the Bristle mammoth to life!

Photo by Daryl Marshke/Michigan Photography

On September 28, 2015, farmer Jim Bristle made a startling discovery while digging in his field near Chelsea, Michigan.

After learning he’d uncovered the remains of a mammoth that lived between 11,700 and 15,000 years ago, and witnessing the awe and excitement of his five-year-old grandson and others who came to see the mammoth, he decided to donate it to U-M so that you and other visitors can see it, too!

The Museum needs your help to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. The Museum didn’t budget for this unexpected exhibit, but we want to share the mammoth and its story with you, the community, and visitors from around the world.

Whatever amount you give will be sincerely appreciated. All exhibit donors will be invited to a donor preview event to see the Bristle mammoth exhibit before it opens to the general public.

Please donate today and help us bring stories like the Bristle mammoth to life!

Contact Nora Webber at 734.936.5834 or for assistance.