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Permanent Exhibits

We have over 17,000 square feet of permanent exhibits on three floors.

The Hall of Evolution

on the Museum's second floor houses Michigan's largest display of prehistoric life. Earth's history is traced through fossils, models and dioramas.  Here you can find dinosaurs, prehistoric whales, mastodons and much more.

The Michigan Wildlife Gallery

on the third floor has a large collection of native Great Lakes birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, plants and fungi, with taxidermy mounts, habitat scenes, models and the largest mastodon trackway on display in the world. There are also displays about environmental issues facing us in this region today.  

The Geology Displays

on the fourth floor present a large selection of beautiful rocks and minerals. 

The Anthropology Galleries

on the fourth floor feature artifacts from human cultures around the world, and highlight the research of U-M archaeologists.