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Analytical Services

The analytical chemistry lab at UMBS in 2017.


The analytical chemistry lab performs many different types of analyses of soil, water, and air samples. We process samples for our researchers, students, and the public.

For current rates or for questions regarding our laboratory capabilities, detection limits, or methodology, contact Tim Veverica: 
phone: 231-539-8407 | email:

Available Equipment

Autoanalyzer: 4 channel segmented flow analyzer, routinely used for determining nutrients in water and soil.

IR Mass Spectrometer: stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen are determined on a Finnigan Delta Plus XL instrument. Samples can be introduced through the elemental analyzer, gas bench, or TOC analyzer.

CHN: the Costech Elemental Analyzer can also be run in a stand alone configuration when isotopes are not required.

Gas Chromatograph: The Finnigan trace gas chromatograph is equipped with a PTV inlet and stacked FID/ECD detectors.

Scintillation Counter: the Packard Tri-Carb liquid scintillation counter is used for measuring 3H, 14C, and 32P in assorted environmental samples.

HPLC: the Perkin-Elmer isocratic HPLC system is equipped with a variable wavelength (UV/Visible) detector.

TOC Analyzer: when not coupled to the mass spec, the OI Analytical TOC analyzer is routinely used for determining inorganic and organic carbon in environmental samples.