From gorgeous sunrises and sunsets to intriguing animals scenes, the 2017 UMBS Summer Photo Contest brought out some of the best photography our students and residents had to offer. Our judges picked six winners in a few different categories, including: overall winners (first, second, and third places); best photo of a sun event (either sunrise or sunset); best photo of an animal; and best photo taken by a camp kid. Photos that earned honorable mentions are indicated in the slide show at the bottom of the page.

See below for the winners.

2017 UMBS Summer Photo Contest Winners

"Piggyback Ride" by Emily Zuo | Emily's skill in capturing such detail of a mother spider carrying her young on her back earned her first place in the 2017 UMBS Summer Photo Contest.
By Jessie Agee | Third Place
By Luci Scholtens | Best Sun Event
By Maddie Parsnick | Second Place
By Stephanie Facchine | Best Animal Photo
By Mina Pillsbury | Best Photo by a Camp Kid