The Biological Station has partnered with Cheboygan County Recycling to have a large collection bin installed on campus.  

Recycling is nothing new to the Station. For years, residents have taken their cardboard, paper, bottles and cans to a shed behind the dining hall. But, says Facility Manager Tony Sutterley, getting rid of the materials was hard and dirty work and required "at least 3 trips per week to Petoskey with a pick-up truck."

With the new collection bin, drop off is simple and disposal is handled by Cheboygan County Recycling. One portal takes cardboard and paper, another takes plastic, metal and glass. The bin is located by the maintenance garage.

UMBS wishes to acknowledge two people who were especially helpful in making this project happen. Chris Sutterley, who works for the county administration, kept a watchful eye on our request and made sure it didn't linger on any desk for too long. Cheboygan County Administrator Jeff Lawson not only helped negotiate the Station's lease, but also ensured that the bin was painted Wolverine blue rather than the usual Spartan green.