The Biological Station is pleased to introduce Jennifer Croskrey, the new UMBS Analytical Chemistry Lab Manager.  She is taking over the position vacated by Mike Grant in January, 2013.

Croskrey was an REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) student at UMBS in 2007.  She was a student at Northwest Missouri State University and worked with Professor Mary Anne Carroll for her REU project.  She says she had a fun summer at the Station that year. "We had an REU volleyball team with matching head bands and socks that we wore when we played. We weren't the best team on the court, but I think we were one of the most stylish."

In her intervening time away from UMBS, Croskrey traded in her volleyball clothes for a lab coat.  She completed a Master's degree in environmental chemistry at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse.  Her research focused on the development of sampling methods for hydrophobic organic contaminants in Onondaga Lake.

Croskrey says it's hard to believe her UMBS homecoming was more than five years in the making.  "It kind of feels just the way it did when I left, only covered in snow."