Utilizing Google Sites for Organization and Presentation

Google Sites allows students to access and maintain their personal collection of materials to authentically and creatively showcase their coursework.
by LSA Learning & Teaching Technology Consultants

Google Sites is a free website builder that allows users to create simple, effective ways to present and share information. Google Sites can be used in your classes in a variety of ways, whether it be for student projects or portfolios, or simply to serve as a digital hub of all things related to your course.

The beautiful thing about Google Sites is that it’s just like any other G-Suite tool, which means you can’t lose any of the information you put on it. All edits can be undone, all drafts will be auto-saved, and you can always revert back to a previous version, if desired. In addition, you don’t need any knowledge of HTML to create a Site. To get started, simply choose a template, and tweak it to make it personal to you.


Google Sites serves as the perfect platform for student portfolios/final projects. It’s a working document, which means students can make edits to it throughout the semester, and publish whenever desired. Students can also easily embed outside links such as YouTube videos, images, and links to data or other sources. Interested in using Sites for a group project? Just like any other G-Suite tool, multiple collaborators can be working on the site together. Want to ensure students kept up with project schedules? Have students insert calendars directly into their site to showcase their timeline. With all of the unique features, Sites can simply serve as a central hub for a final presentation of knowledge at the end of the semester.

But, Google Sites isn’t just for students! Faculty members can use Google Sites as a way to present and share resources related to their courses, for instance by creating pages for related course materials that lead students through the narrative of how they're related. Google Sites can let you keep a single copy of such pages updated to share with multiple classes, rather than needing to update in multiple Canvas course sites.

A Few Notes

While there are many benefits to using Google Sites in your classroom, it is important to note all G-Suite tools are not retained after graduation. So, if students utilize Sites for a final portfolio of their coursework, they will lose access to it eventually. It’s good practice to always make copies of important sites (or any other Google documents) on a personal Google Account for future access.

Also note that Google Sites are public by default and therefore students should be mindful of the audience, the information, and the impact this academic work could have on their larger internet presence. Fortunately, Google Sites are also easy to make private to the instructor and student only or to the course community.

Want to Learn More?

Interested in using Google Sites for your course? Contact an LTC Consultant for guidance, resources, and support. 



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Release Date: 02/15/2024
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