As some of you are aware, we have been working to unite the LSA Information Technology, Instructional Support Services, Management and Information Systems, and Web Services teams.  I’m pleased to announce these four groups have come together to form LSA Technology Services. Our initial goals are to:

  • Provide you with easier access to service and support.

  • Enhance existing services and provide new ones that meet your needs.

  • Offer more opportunities to improve our teams’ skills and support professional advancement and development.


The LSA community hasn’t always been clear on which team to go to for which technology request. As of today, you can simply call one number, 734.615.0100 or on campus 5.0100, to get the help you need: whether it’s support in a classroom, help designing a new web site, a new system for exploring and understanding financial data, assistance in evaluating a new in-class response system, or expertise to write more efficient code to analyze data on the cluster.

In addition, we are introducing a new online request form that you can use anytime to get connected with someone who can assist you.


Today in higher education, more than ever, teaching, research and the ways we work are fueled by technology that is changing at a breakneck pace. Not only do you need highly skilled, highly specialized services--you need them to be immediately accessible. And you need them to not just adapt, but innovate, at the same pace you do.

LSA Technology Services’ aim is to create a new foundation to help you meet these challenges today--and be better positioned to support you and the college far into the future.

I’m very excited to step forward into this future with all of you. And I’m extremely proud of the work we have already accomplished – and the work I know we will accomplish tomorrow - together.  I welcome your input, thoughts, and ideas - please feel free to connect with me at anytime!

—Cathy Curley, LSA Chief Information Officer