This Spring, WordPress will be undergoing a major update / enhancement to the visual editor system for posts and pages.  The “Gutenberg” update will introduce blocks as a modern way to add content to posts and pages and this will enrich the overall design and flexibility of your content.  In the “Gutenberg“ update, blocks will function as a type of “page builder” and can be used to add a wide variety of unique customizations and dynamic displays to your WordPress post and pages. After the March 2nd update, the Gutenberg feature will be part of core wordpress code for the visual editor.  We are in the final stages of testing these new features and will follow up with individual site owners directly next month with more information.

If you are a WordPress site owner and editor, you can take advantage of this new editing interface this Spring.  The Web Services team will be prepared to help with all questions and support the use of this exciting new feature.  You can prepare for the change to the visual editor interface by reviewing the articles below, or by watching this short video from LinkedIn Learning: WordPress Next: Gutenberg and the New Blog Editor Video.

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