On January 23, 2019, faculty, staff and other paid employees (GSIs, GSRAs, temps including student temps) will be required to use Duo two-factor authentication to access any U-M system using Weblogin.

By using Duo Two-Factor, you make an enormous difference in the security of your accounts. This extra login step stops an attacker from using your account—even if your password is stolen. Be aware that turning on this feature requires you to have access to the device you register at the time of login. Choose a device that is easily available in places you login.

Two-factor authentication does so much to protect university resources and your personal information that the university is in the process of making it a routine, expected part of the U-M login process for faculty, staff, and sponsored affiliates for services you log in to via Weblogin.

What you can do now: Check your Duo Status; it only takes a few minutes!

Please make sure you have two devices setup in Duo, see the flowchart for your best approach. For your primary device, make sure you choose a device that is easily available in places when you login. A backup device is necessary, in case you do not have access to your primary device for any reason.

LSA Technology Services is offering additional support for turning on Duo and enabling it for Weblogin. If you are interested in a presentation for faculty/staff by a Technology Services Duo Pro or walk-up assistance in your area, please sign up here! We will have stations for Duo sign up help at all of our normal walk-in locations during regular business hours. You may also provide feedback here to help us improve our implementation process.

Help us make the transition to a safer place for our accounts and your personal information.  We are looking forward to helping you make the switch. Thanks to all who have made the change already!