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Technology for Exams

TAC Technology

Approval to Use TAC Techonology

A student must have:

  • approval from Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) as seen on the Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations (VISA) letter.
  • indication that technology will be used for the exam as submitted on the TAC Reservation by the course instructor.

NOTE: Please see Personal Technology policy below.

Available TAC Technology

The following equipment does not have internet connectivity:

  • iMac desktop computers
  • PC desktop computers
  • iPad tablet
  • Wacom tablet
  • Various adaptive software

NOTE: Limited quantities available. Reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Requesting Technology Not Currently Available at the TAC

Students requesting the use of specific hardware and/or software, not currently available at the TAC, must understand the following:

  • The hardware and/or software must have exclusive features directly related to an impairment.
  • The hardware and/or software must be approved by a student’s Coordinator in SSD and documented as a test accommodation as seen on the VISA letter.
  • The equipment is a reasonable accommodation provided by the University as determined and approved by SSD.
  • The equipment is an approved item for purchase by SSD and/or the TAC.
  • The equipment can be realistically installed by the exam date.

NOTE: There is never a guarantee that requested hardware or software can be provided by the TAC.

Personal Technology

Approved use of personal technology for an exam must be clearly indicated in the note section for each individual student on the TAC reservation.

If personal technology is approved, the TAC will not be responsible for:

  • arranging for personal technology.picking up personal technology outside of the TAC.
  • returning personal technology outside of the TAC.
  • verifying any content on the personal technology before or after the exam.
  • verifying the contents of a carrying case of the equipment.
  • verifying whether the personal technology has Wi-Fi or internet connectivity and/or whether the student has utilized it.
  • test integrity being comprimised because of the use of personal technology.

NOTE: If personal technology has been approved for an exam, the student will NOT have access to TAC technology.