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Utilizing the TAC as an Instructor

1. Talk with Your Students About Their Accommodation Needs

At the beginning of the term:

  • Provide a statement in your course syllabus as
    recommended by Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)
  • Read this statement aloud to your class.
  • Collect and review all student VISA letters.
  • Discuss the specific accommodation needs with each individual student.
    • NOTE: Just because two students have the same accommodations on the VISA letter does not mean that their specific needs are the same.

NOTE: Please understand that the instructor is responsible for any alternative exam formats (e.g. large print exams, exams needing extra space, alternative to scantrons, exams on flash drives, etc.) and arranging for a reader or scribe if needed for the exam.

2. Make A TAC Reservation

When accommodations cannot reasonably be handled in the classroom environment or in the department, it is the instructor’s responsibility to create a test reservation request on the TAC Reservation Site.

When submitting a reservation:

  • Include specific accommodation instructions based on the VISA and discussions with your students.
    • Students must have a valid VISA letter in order to utilize the TAC.
    • All reservation requests will be reviewed, but there is no guarantee that the TAC will be able to approve the request due to limited space.
  • Make all reservations and modifications to reservations no later than two weeks before a quiz or exam.
    • The rationale behind the 2-week policy is to ensure there is sufficient time for the TAC to process requests, obtain needed documents, mitigate errors, safeguard accuracy, address any questions regarding the reservation, provide the appropriate space/equipment/technology, and allow enough time to notify students and instructors. 
    • For more information regarding this policy, please visit Two Weeks Notice Standard for Accommodation Requests on the Services for Students with Disabilities site.
  • The TAC cannot require a student to stay at the TAC until a specified time after completing their exam.

BE AWARE!  Reservations are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. If we have the available seats requested and there are no corrections needed, we will process the reservation and assign all of your students a seat at the TAC. All students in a reservation must be ready for approval. We cannot hold seats while waiting for reservation corrections. Unfortunately, the TAC Reservation System does not have the functionality to process individual students in a reservation. One way to expedite your reservation requests is by removing students needing corrections (e.g. you need to move their test time and haven't heard back from them, waiting on a response whether they need a computer, etc.). This will ensure that other students in your reservation are processed in a timely manner. Please understand, you can always edit a reservation to re-add a student if it is no later than two weeks before a quiz/exam. 

Scheduling pop-quiz reservations:

  • Check the "Pop Quiz" box on the TAC Reservation Site when scheduling all pop-quiz reservations.
    • WARNING: If the Pop Quiz box is not checked, students will automatically receive confirmations of the day/time of each quiz.

Here are some the things to know/consider regarding Pop Quizzes:

  • Making the reservation for Pop Quizzes function the same way as other reservations, except you need to click the Pop Quiz radio button.
  • Students are not sent confirmation emails for Pop Quizzes.
  • When choosing how to alert students to arrive at the TAC for the Pop Quiz, please remember that they must be allowed appropriate travel time to the TAC in order to arrive at least 10 minutes before their reservation time.
  • Students may not be allowed to arrive or start late and receive their full time.
  • Classes may not resume while students are taking any accommodated exams or quizzes.
  • You must ensure that accommodated students will not have any conflicts if the Pop Quiz goes past the end of the class period.
  • Students may not hand deliver the exam. All exams and quizzes must be delivered by 1 PM the business day before.
  • We would ask that you make all reservations, including Pop Quizzes at the onset of each term. We fill up quickly and can never guarantee seats will be available.

TAC hours and reservation times:

  • Exams may be administered during the hours of 8:30 AM and 9:30 PM, Monday through Thursday and 8:30AM and 4:30 PM on Friday (Final exams 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM). The TAC is open year-round.
  • To ensure a quieter, distraction-reduced environment during high volume periods, exam time start times may be limited. Available exam times will be indicated on the  TAC Reservation Site.
    • Exam start times may be adjusted for students needing double time 
    • Exam start times may be ajusted for students needing "Breaks during class and exams"
    • If a student's extended time overlaps with another course or exam, please consider the following options: Accommodate the student in the department (by finding available space and time to administer the student's exam) or consider another available start time from the list.

3. Review All TAC Reservation Email Notifications

Instructors will receive an email notification regarding the submitted Test Reservation Request.

  • The email will indicate whether the reservation has been approved.
  • If a reservation is approved, each student will also receive an email notification
  • Please note: You will receive an email if your reservation request cannot be approved. It is then the instructor's responsibility to provide the necessary accommodations.

4. Deliver Exams

Test Delivery Information:

  • Exams are not accepted by email.
  • All exams must be hand-delivered to the secure TAC drop box located outside the TAC at B119 MLB by 1:00 PM the business day prior to an exam reservation. For exam security, we ask that you utilize the drop box and not hand-deliver exams to Proctors at the front desk. 
  • We want to alert you that failure to meet this delivery deadline will result in the cancellation of the reservation.
  • Please understand that the instructor is responsible for any alternative exam formats (e.g. large print exams, exams needing extra space, alternative to scantrons, exams on flash drives, etc.) and arranging for a reader or scribe if needed for the exam.
  • TAC staff need exams delivered by 1:00 PM the business day before to to allow enough time to prepare all exams. 
  • TAC staff will ensure that all students have an exam for your reservation and will check to ensure that all materials have been delivered with the exam (i.e. scantron, large print exams, and flash drives if needed). 
  • All exams are then placed in a packet which will include an Exam Cover Sheet that gives the student (and Proctor) all of the reservation information (your approved start/end time, how you want to address questions, approved exam materials, and any other notes you have written). This sheet will also give the the TAC policy on the student's responsibility for completing the exam on time and other internal procedures for the student. This sheet indicates that it may not be used as scrap paper. 
  • Please provide a quiz or exam for each student with a reservation.
  • Tests need to be in a secure envelope with the instructor and course names (please do not put student names on the envelope) as well as the date of the exam.
  • Do not leave test administration instructions as paper notes with exam delivery. Only the notes on the TAC reservation system will be accepted for exam administration as these will be printed on the Exam Cover Sheet. If it is not on the reservation, it will not be seen by the student or Proctor.

The TAC does not provide printing services. If you require assistance please visit the Copy Services website. NOTE: You must submit your exam to the Copy Center at least 4-5 business days in advance in order to meet the TAC's 1:00 PM delivery requirement.

5. Pick Up Exams

Test Pick Up Information:

  • All quizzes and exams must be picked-up by an instructor or his/her designee at the front desk at B119 MLB. Exams cannot be returned by email.
  • BE AWARE: MCARD/UMID IS REQUIRED TO PICK UP EXAMS. The following are other accepted forms of ID:
    • Valid Picture ID with UM Uniquename, or
    • Valid Picture ID with prior, written approval from instructor/submitter as a designee for pick up.
  • When picking up exams, there may be a short wait if the Proctors are seating large groups of students.
  • Please be aware that emails will not be sent to alert you that an exam is ready for pick up.
  • Exams for students who "no show" will be shredded if not picked up within one week.
  • The TAC Office will be open for exam pick-up during the following times: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 
    • You may pick up exams in the evenings if the TAC is open for test administration. However, we encourage you to call ahead to ensure a Proctor is still on staff. Proctors will close the Center at night after the last evening exam is collected. 
    • There may be special times when the TAC office is closed. Please check our Web site in advance for any closure alerts.

6. Consider the Following When Using the TAC

  • Testing protocols at the TAC will likely be different than in the classroom.
  • It is the full responsibility of each student to monitor their own exam time and to submit their exam no later than the designated end time. 
    • There are 8 large, digital clocks in the testing area for students' convenience.  As always, students are welcome to bring their own non-Smart watch if they prefer. 
    • Proctors will not provide "warnings" or collect exams from students in the testing area.
    • Due to significant concerns regarding distraction in the testing area, this policy has been developed with the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education.
    • This policy has been shared with your students in multiple ways, and is restated, verbally and in writing, by TAC staff again when students receive their exams.
    • Submitting exams after the designated end time may will be reported to the instructor of that exam for further consideration.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the TAC Rules and Regulations students must adhere to when taking exams in the TAC. 
  • The TAC has clear expectations for students for "Arrival Time & Check-In" listed on our Rules and Regulations page. More specifically, please see the parameters outlined for late arrivals as it relates to exam start and end time. 
  • Proctors may not answer questions about exam material. Please talk with your student about how to handle questions that may arise during an exam.
  • If you arrive at the TAC to check on students or to be there for questions, you will be directed to a private room, if one is available, or you are welcome to sit in the lobby. Proctors will then alert your students that you are here for questions.
    • NOTE: This policy has been implemented due to concerns regarding distractions caused by movement and noise within the testing area.
  • Any communication about and/or changes to an exam, on exam day, must be addressed directly to the Proctors on staff at the TAC. Please call the TAC office at 734.763.1334 at the exam reservation time. Do not leave voice mail messages or send emails to as your message may not be received or delivered on the day of an exam.
  • Only materials as indicated on the TAC Reservation Site may be used during a test. All materials used during an exam will be returned to the instructor. Students may not take materials home.

Additional Considerations

World Languages

Exams with listening portions

  • Instructors will need to administer all listening portions of exams in the classroom.
  • The TAC staff does not need to know any information about the listening portion; this information is strictly between the student and the instructor and should not affect the written portion taken at the TAC. Please keep the two portions separate.
  • The listening portion should take place before or after students arrive and test at the TAC; students may not leave and come back to finish the written portion at the TAC.
  • Please ensure that all students are provided with the appropriate extended time for the listening portion.
  • NOTE: Written portions taken at the TAC must start at the start times provided.
  • When submitting a reservation for the written portion of the exam, please only provide the TAC with the time that students would receive for the written portion and adjust the extended time accordingly.
  • Please make separate arrangements to deliver the written portion before the exam start time. We do not accept exams that are hand-delivered by students.
  • Instructors are responsible for picking up the written portion. Students may not take the written portion with them if the listening portion follows the TAC exam.


Exam Format Modifications and Reader/Scribe Arrangements

Any exam format modifications (i.e. large print, double-spaced, extra space, flash drive, etc.) or the arrangement for a reader/scribe must be facilitated by the instructor. SSD may provide assistance with exam modifications and reader/scribe arrangements.