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The Gateway course serves as the students’ introduction to the Minor in Writing and their foundation for further writing in the Minor. In this course, students explore their convictions and practices as they relate to writing. They tackle questions such as, “Why do we write? How do we write? How does writing shape us?” Students gain experience with a wide variety of writing forms, genres, modes and media, from Moleskine notebooks to digital environments, from research papers to personal blogs, and from narratives to evidence-based arguments. Previous student projects include a short story turned into an informational YouTube video, a Blue Book midterm paper turned into an exploration of how people represent themselves, and a paper about Superman turned into a visual timeline of the character’s history.

In addition to this exploration, students finish the Gateway with an electronic portfolio of their writing, which serves as a stepping stone towards their final Minor in Writing portfolio created in the Capstone course. Students will be introduced to a number of electronic platforms on which to create their portfolio (including Wordpress, Wix, Weebly and others) and will learn how to archive their writing for later use in the Capstone portfolio.

Below are some examples of eportfolios from the Gateway course last semester. For a full list of portfolios from the Minor Gateway and Capstone courses visit the Minor in Writing blog.