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Minor in Writing - Capstone

Credits: 3 | Requirements & Distribution: ULWR | Consent: With permission of department. | Advisory Prerequisites: Completion of WRITING 220 and a majority of course requirements for the Minor in Writing program. May not be repeated for credit.

In this course, students create an electronic portfolio that represents their development as college writers. The portfolio is composed of two major components: an annotated Writer’s Evolution essay analyzing the work students have created in the minor, and a capstone project of the student’s own choosing. WRITING 420 draws on the audience, purpose, genre, and multimedia skills from WRITING 220, and it gives students more time to develop and integrate these skills into significant researched-based projects. These projects are scaffolded into a variety of mini-assignments, and students will receive constructive feedback from their instructor, their peers, and a mentor at multiple stages throughout the semester.

More information about the Capstone from the Minor in Writing section of our website.