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Advanced Writing for International Students: Vocabulary & Grammar in Context

Credits: 1 | May not be repeated for credit | This course can be taken at the same time as a ULWR course; it does not fulfill the Upper Level Writing Requirement.

WRITING 340 supports upper-level international and multilingual students who want to develop discipline-specific writing skills. Students can enroll in this course before or concurrently with their required ULWR course to receive additional help for that course. Students who have completed their required ULWR course are also welcome to take this course if they want to further develop their academic and professional writing abilities. To that end, students will:

  • expand their discipline-specific vocabulary;
  • recognize and apply to their own writing the grammatical, rhetorical, and stylistic conventions unique to their respective academic disciplines;
  • develop the knowledge of writing as a process and hone their writing through revision and editing;
  • develop insights into their strengths and weaknesses as readers and writers in their respective disciplines through genre analysis, revision, editing, reflection, and collaboration with others.

Course Requirements

  • Weekly readings and memos
  • Genre analysis and informal oral presentations of discipline-specific essays
  • Revising and editing discipline-specific essays
  • Reflections
  • Peer review and writing workshop
  • eportfolio
  • Regular class attendance and engagement

Intended Audience

  • International and multilingual undergraduates who are interested in advancing their academic and professional writing abilities in specific disciplines and areas.  

Class Format

  • The class meets one hour once a week in seminar style with a mixture of small group and full class discussions, peer reviews, writing workshops, and occasional and brief instruction.