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Style and Editing for International Students

Credits: 1 | Grading: Mandatory credit/no credit | May be elected three times for credit.

Operating on a workshop and discussion format, this one-credit mini course aims to help international and multilingual students to practice English academic writing in a supportive environment. In this course, students explore and discuss the rhetorical effectiveness of stylistic elements commonly found in American academic writing. Through this exploration and discussion, students expand the repertoire of language structures and vocabulary items upon which to draw in composing their own academic writing. Furthermore, this exploration and discussion of stylistic elements help students acquire effective self-editing strategies. Students apply these editing strategies to the papers they write for their First-Year Writing Requirement courses or another course that requires writing. To that end, students will:

  • practice core grammar principles in English academic writing;
  • increase knowledge about English syntax;
  • identify stylistic differences and apply appropriate styles to writing;
  • develop self-editing skills;
  • revise papers in a peer review or in a writing workshop.

Course Requirements

  • Core grammar exercise
  • Rhetorical analysis
  • Peer review and workshop
  • Reflection essay
  • Regular class attendance and engagement

Intended Audience

International and multilingual undergraduates who are interested in improving their writing style and editing abilities.

Class Format

The class meets 2 hours once a week in seminar style with a mixture of small group and full class discussions, peer reviews, writing workshops, and occasional and brief instruction.