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LJSC Minor

LJSC Minor Requirements

Prerequisite course

Before declaring the minor in Law, Justice, and Social Change, students must complete a pre-requisite course with a C- or better. The credits from the prerequisite course cannot be included in the 15 credits required to complete the minor.

  • First and second year students should enroll in either SOC 100: Intro to Soc, SOC 102: Intro to Soc: Special Topics, or SOC 195: Honors Intro to Soc.
  • Third and fourth year students should enroll in either SOC 300: Principles and Problems of Sociology or SOC 302: Health & Society- Intro to Soc. 


  • A student must complete at least 15 credit hours with a C- or better from the following list of approved courses.
  • A minimum of 9 credits must be elected in the LJSC minor at the 300-level or above (excluding prerequisite).

            **^ This 300-level requirement does not apply to students who declared the minor Fall 2016 and prior 

Approved LJSC Minor Courses:

  • SOC 204: International Migration and the Politics of Membership in a Globalizing World
  • SOC 208: Terrorism, Torture, & Violence
  • SOC 225: Project Community - Criminal Justice Section
  • SOC 270: Gender and the Law
  • SOC 304: American Immigration
  • SOC 325: Project Community: Advanced Practicum - Criminal Justice Section
  • SOC 335: Urban Inequality in America
  • SOC 350: Human Rights and the United Nations
  • SOC 354: Law and Society
  • SOC 368: Criminology
  • SOC 422: Latin America
  • SOC 450: Human Rights in a Globalizing World
  • SOC 461: Social Movements: Political Protest and Collective Resistance
  • SOC 465: Sociology of Deviance: From Sin to Sickness
  • SOC 468: Crime & Justice: Inside Out Prison Exchange
  • SOC 476: Sociology of Bioethics
  • SOC 488: Organizing Internship
  • SOC 489: Organizing: People, Power, and Social Change
  • appropriate topics in SOC 295, 394 (SURO), 395 (Independent Study), 396 (Internship), 495

Credit/Plan Exclusions

A maximum of 6 credits in the minor plan may come from Experiential Learning or Independent Study style courses.  This includes but is not limited to SOC 225, 325, 391, 394, 395, 396, 468, and 488.

The department will allow up to one course with significant sociological content related to Law, Justice, and Social Change from other LSA departments or transfer institutions to be included in the minor plan. Students interested in petitioning to include a non-SOC course or transfer course in their minor plan should complete the course petition process which includes submitting a petition form and the course syllabus.

Students majoring in Sociology with a submajor in Law, Justice, and Social Change are not permitted to elect a minor in Law, Justice, and Social Change. 

I have questions about the LJSC minor

If you have questions about your progress with LJSC Minor requirements, schedule an advising appointment

If you have questions about your LSA or distribution requirements, your should contact your general advisor (LSA, RC, CSP, Honors). 

If you have questions about your overall degree progress, you can use the My LSA Audit Checklist tool to get a snapshot of your degree progress, broken down into requirement groups.