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Earning the Credit

Upon completion of the internship, you must submit the following materials via email to

One double-spaced document that consists of: a) two to three pages of narrative about the goals and objectives of the organizational site for the internship and your role and duties during the internship; b) seven to ten pages analytically examining  how and why the internship experience advanced your understanding of a sociological concept or theory (e.g. social reproduction, social network relations, discrimination) or field of research (e.g. race and ethnic relations, family, formal organizations, social movements). This portion of the essay must cite five to seven scholarly sources.

The Department must also receive a letter from the internship supervisor confirming your internship and briefly describing your role as an intern. This letter can arrive in hard copy, via email attachment, or as a direct email to

A deadline for completing the internship materials will be provided with notification that the application for internship credit was approved. Students who register for the course should plan to submit these materials no later than the last day of classes.  Students who do an internship in the summer but register for SOC 396 in the following fall semester must submit all internship materials by October 15.

SOC 396 is graded credit/no credit (CR/NC).