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SOC 396: Internship

An internship is a short-term experience working within a “real world” organization that lines up with your intended career plans or a work environment you'd like to explore. It’s a way not only to find out if the field you’d like to work in is what you imagined, but also to start accumulating experience for your first professional resume. Internships commonly (but not always) occur during the summer semesters and can range from just a few hours a week to a full-time 40+ hour week. You might be paid as an intern, but you can also construct an internship by volunteering time to learn more about working in a particular field or industry.

How do I find an internship? 

The best place to start looking for an internship is your family, friends, and community networks. In conjunction with this, cast a wide net by utilizing U-M's resources. First stop: The LSA Opportunity Hub

The list below includes internship search engines and organized internship programs that past sociology concentrators have found useful.

If you know of an internship opportunity that you think other concentrators should know about or find an inactive web link, please let us know.

Search Engines
Intern in Michigan
Public Health Jobs

Internship Programs

Foundation for Sustainable Development

U-M Development Summer Internship Program

Union Scholars Program, for students of color interested in union organizing

Public Service Programs

U-M's Public Service Intern Program, organized through The Career Center
Presidential Classroom
Carter Center

Public Health Programs

US Health and Human Services

Internship Credit: SOC 396

You can earn one academic credit (SOC 396) per internship for relevant experiences paired with thoughtful sociological inquiry. The credit is earned not necessarily by the time spent in the internship setting, but by crafting an academic essay connecting a significant experience “in the field” to course work within the Department.

SOC 396 is graded credit/no credit (CR/NC). It may be repeated for a second credit hour but only if the internships are in different settings.

Regular credit exclusions and limitations apply for the Sociology major, LJSC minor, and SHM minor (i.e. limit of experiential credit). SOC 396 will count as elective credit toward the Sociology major but will need to be requested and approved specifically for the LJSC & SHM minors/subplans

How Do I Apply?

Earning the Credit