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How do I apply for scholarships from the College of LSA?

Scholarships for prospective students are solely recruitment scholarships, which means that you can’t apply for them. Current and transfer students may be eligible for several scholarships, though each individual scholarship will have different requirements.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a scholarship from the College of LSA?

You can read more about requirements on our eligibility page.

Can I get a scholarship if I’m in a Multiple Dependent Degree Program (MDDP) or if I’m a “Dual Degree” student with LSA?

Only students who have officially declared an MDDP with LSA can receive an LSA Scholarship.

Students must also complete both degrees. If the LSA degree is not completed for any reason, the scholarship will be retroactively cancelled and you will be billed for the full amount beginning from the first semester that the MDDP began. Non-payment may result in a hold on the student’s diploma, or a block on the request for an official transcript until the amount due is paid.

What if I get an additional scholarship outside of the LSA Scholarship Office?

Students must notify the LSA Scholarship Office of any funds or support they receive.

If I’m on a 4-year renewable scholarship, do I need to fill out my FASFA each year?

If you receive financial aid through the Office of Financial aid, yes.

What if I want to transfer to the School of Business/College of Engineering/etc. Will my scholarship transfer?

If you accept an LSA scholarship, it is only effective during the time you are enrolled in the College of LSA. Therefore, if you transfer to another school or college, you will no longer be eligible to receive an LSA Scholarship. You must contact the scholarship office prior to the beginning of the academic term the transfer will be in effect. If you do not contact our office, you will be billed retroactively for each semester you are not enrolled in a degree-seeking LSA program.

What if I am enrolled less than full-time?

Students who are not enrolled full-time will not receive an LSA Scholarship. Some exceptions may apply for graduating seniors.

What if I was enrolled full-time, but I dropped to part-time during the semester?

LSA Scholarships awarded to students are based on full-time enrollment. If you drop below full-time, your scholarship will be reduced, and you will have to pay a portion of it back.

How and when do I thank the donor of my scholarship?

You will receive an email in the Fall with a link and instructions to complete a donor thank you survey.

What if I need to take time off from school?

Students receiving 4-year scholarships from the College of LSA may choose not to enroll for an academic term while still retaining their LSA Scholarship. However, scholarships do not carry forward and scholarship eligibility for the term that the student is not enrolled will be forfeited. 

These restrictions do not apply to students who have taken a leave from school because of a medical condition.

If I’m on a four-year scholarship, how do I complete my service hours?

Please visit the Scholarship Service Program page for service hour requirements.

If I’m on a four-year scholarship, what happens if my GPA falls below the minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA requirement?

Contact Katherine Weathers, the LSA Scholarship Coordinator, at to set up an appointment to discuss your situation. Please fill out the Scholarship Evaluation Form below with your academic advisor prior to meeting with Katherine.

Scholarship Evaluation Form

If you have any further questions, please email Erica Gehringer at