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Screenwriting 310: Writing of a Feature-Length Screenplay

Students interested in the Screenwriting sub-major must be SAC major and have taken SAC 290: Introduction to Media Production, AND SAC 309: The Screenplay as Literature.  SAC 309 is REQUIRED of those who wish to apply for the Screenwriting sub-major and should be taken before a student enrolls in SAC 310-Screenwriting I: The Feature Script. We recommend that SAC 309 be taken simultaneously with SAC 290. After successful completion of SAC 290 and SAC 309, students interested in the Screenwriting sub-major start with the gateway Screenwriting course, SAC 310.   

SAC 310 - Screenwriting I: The Feature Script requires a student to complete a feature-length (90-120 pages) screenplay in the proper format by the end of the term. Upon completion of the course, the SAC 310 instructor reviews each student's work and recommends selected students from their 310 class to move up to SAC 410 - Screenwriting II: The Rewrite

Success in SAC 310 determines if a student advances to SAC 410-Screenwriting II: The Rewrite and on to becoming a Screenwriting sub-major.

Tips for success in SAC 310:

1) Successful completion of SAC 309: The Screenplay as Literature 

2) Strong creative writing skills (grammar, punctuation, and spelling)

3) Walk into class with a few ideas for development into a feature-length screenplay

4) Class attendance and participation 

5) Professionalism and originality of  the feature-length screenplay