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Sub-Major Requirements Effective Winter 2014

Screenwriting Sub-Major Course Pathway

Requirements for the SAC Screenwriting Sub-Major

1) SAC major
2) SAC 210 – Intro to Screenwriting: B or better
3) SAC 310 - Screenwriting I: The Feature Script: Recommendation by SAC 310 Instructor and acceptance into SAC 410.
4) SAC 410 - Screenwriting II: The Rewrite: B- or better

5) ONE of the following courses  (B or better):
SAC 311 - Writing for Television I: The Spec Script
SAC 427- Screenwriting III (highly selective from SAC 410 students)
SAC 423- Practicum for the Screenwriter/Dramatic Narrative III (only if you are selected as one of the two screenwriters in the course.)

After successful completion of SAC 410 with a B- or better, SAC majors may apply for the screenwriting sub-major.  The student should contact the Coordinator of Screenwriting
to state their interest in applying to the sub-major.  Final approval for the Screenwriting
sub-major is based on the student’s acceptance and successful completion one more screenwriting course.