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Screenwriting Sub-Major

Where Screenwriters are the Stars and Where Star Screenwriters Teach!

What Is the Screenwriting Sub-Major?

The Department of Screen Arts & Cultures (SAC) offers a Screenwriting Sub-Major to SAC majors who demonstrate a special talent for writing for the screen a Screenwriting Sub-Major. 

The Screenwriting Sub-Major is only available to declared SAC majors and is not a major or a minor.  The Screenwriting Sub-Major is a credential that goes on the student's transcript like an Honors credential.  

Our Screenwriitng Program brings in the top professional screenwriters and television writers in the industry. 

How Can I Become a Screenwriting Sub-Major?

This merit-based credential is for a SAC Major who has completed both SAC 210 and SAC 310 and has been recommended by their SAC 310 instructor into SAC 410: Screenwriting II: The Rewrite

After successful completion of SAC 410 with a B- or better, SAC majors may apply for the Screenwriting Sub-Major.  The student should contact the Director of Screenwriting to state their interest in applying to the sub-major.  Final approval for the Screenwriting sub-major is based on the student’s acceptance and successful completion of one more screenwriting course. 

What Are the Screenwriting Sub-Major Requirements?

Where Can I Learn More About Screenwriting and SAC?



To learn more, read the attached profile of the Screenwriting Program as it appeared in WRITTEN BY, the official magazine of the Writers Guild of America.

The Donald Hall Collection -- A Treasury of Screenplays and DVDs

The Screenwriting Program offers amazing resources to inspire, enhance, and develop a student's potential in writing for the screen. Screen Arts & Cultures’ Donald Hall Collection contains a vast treasure of screenplays, TV scripts, and DVDs from historic eras to present day and both domestic and international.  These resources help make writing for film and television an area of excellence within the SAC major.