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SAC Production Technologies and Studios

Screen Arts & Cultures Production courses use Mac based editing software, Apple’s Final Cut Pro 10-X for both video and audio.  Avid Pro-Tools is available in the Duderstadt for editing sound and is frequently used by the School of Music Performance Arts Technology students (School of Music's film composers and sound designers) working with the SAC 400 and 423 classes, upper level production courses.

Not all SAC Production courses require access to an external hard drive and editing software. If you intend to purchase equipment, we suggest:

Apple MacBook Pro with:

Retina Display
16GB Memory - Minimum

512GB Solid State Storage
3 year extended warranty (suggested for all laptops)

External Hard Drive

LSA editing suites and most classrooms support USB3 and Thunderbolt Drives.  Solid state drives (SSD) or disk drives with minimum capacity of 500GB are acceptable.  Disk drives should have 7200rpm spindle speed.  A Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter is necessary for Drives with Firewire connections only.  Do not get a drive with only a USB2 connection as they are too slow for editing video.

Students in the following production courses are expected to have or have access to an external editing hard drive: SAC 300, SAC 301, SAC 304, SAC 305, SAC 306, SAC 400, SAC 401, SAC 402, SAC 403, SAC 404, SAC 405, SAC 406, SAC 423, SAC 495 (Honors projects involving production only), and SAC 499 (independent study projects involving production only).

NOTE: Because students work in groups in SAC 300, SAC 301, SAC 400, SAC 402, and SAC 423, each TEAM will be able to work on one or more shared drives; however, each student will likely want to have their own drive as well.