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Awards & Grants

The Department of Screen Arts & Cultures offers a variety of awards focusing in three areas: scholarly research and writing; film, video, television, or digital media production; and screenwriting.

Proposals for awards will be judged using three basic criteria: the merit/quality of the proposed project, the quality of the past work as indicated by the sample work submitted, and the clarity and completeness of the application. Each of these criteria will be given equal weight in the judging of the proposals. A student's GPA in the SAC major will also be a factor in the awards adjudication. 

The University of Michigan, through the Department of Screen Arts and Cultures (SAC) and Instructional Support Services (ISS), provides, on-loan to students registered for University courses,  the equipment necessary to produce high-quality student projects.  Funds are granted for unavoidable expenses. Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, that can be justified, requests for special equipment will NOT be funded.  Examples of special equipment include items such as prime lenses, special dollies, and high-end cameras, such as the “Red” camera.  The SAC Awards Committee places emphasis on a student’s creativity and resourcefulness in funding and making their work.

Awards & Grants Deadlines

You MUST send an e-mail to to request access to the Department's M+Box before you proceed.

Late applications will not be accepted and incomplete applications will be disqualified.

Fall Deadline

Winter Deadlines