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What Distinguishes Screen Arts & Cultures?

In contrast to a traditional film school or art school model, the Department of Screen Arts & Cultures integrates critical studies and creative production in film, television, and new media within a large world-class university. Within this department, students can elect courses in studies, production, and/or screenwriting. 

Screen Arts & Cultures is one of the 75 academic units in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA). Students interested in majoring in Screen Arts & Cultures must first apply to LSA and be accepted into the college. At that point, they may begin taking our classes. 

Our Undergraduates in Action

Spotlight on SAC 190 (Sarris, WN 2018)
Experimental Film and the Ann Arbor Film Festival

Pictured below, students in Terri Sarris's first year seminar, SAC 190: Experimental Film and the Ann Arbor Film Festival, experiment with 16mm film. As a kind of "exquisite corpse" style approach to film, each student was charged with creating images to interpret the words, "Twirl. Tangle. Twist. Time." Later this term, students will combine their footage with other images and digitally edit it into experimental shorts. The class will also be researching the history of the Ann Arbor Film Festival at the Bentley Historical Library and will attend the Festival in March.

Pictured (top) Lia Baldori and Brett Gonte dance the twist while Teddy Gutkin directs; (bottom, left to right) Sydney Vollmar looks on while Emma Grife animates objects; and Eric Docsa animates twisted fabric strips.  

Take a Peek at Our Classes

Are you wondering what our SAC classes look like, what kinds of production projects our students create, and what our studies program includes?Click the button below to view snapshots of our the studios and beyond. 

What Our Students Say About Us 

Emily Browning

“The faculty in the Screen Arts and cultures department has provided a path to making my dreams a reality. The University has been instrumental in integrating me to the business community getting and providing crucial advice on next steps.  The SAC department is an awesome secret “pearl” at University of Michigan. I am proud to be a Screens Arts major and hope that I leave my mark in this growing department. “

Jason Mondry

"I can’t imagine my college experience without the Screen Arts program. SAC is at the center of a rich but otherwise hidden film community here at Michigan. Screen Arts students are passionate, driven, and talented. I’m fortunate to have met some wonderful friends with similar interests and a shared penchant for creative, collaborative storytelling. The SAC faculty is composed of really intelligent and devoted professors. Their thought-provoking classes have taught me so much about the chronicle and craft of film.

One of the best parts of the Screen Arts program is that you don’t have to select a predetermined path. At schools like NYU and USC, you are limited to learning about either history/theory or production, but Screen Arts allows you to mold your own path. There’s a lot of curricular variety, from history and theory to production and writing. You gain a more holistic understanding of film and television."