The Big House (Directors Kazuhiro Soda, Markus Nornes, Terri Sarris, and Filmmakers of the University of Michigan) is premiering at the Berlin Critics' Week 2018 on February 16, 2018.
This direct cinema documentary eschews gridiron grandeur to look closely instead at the incredible labors — from the cooks to the cops to the cleaners — that go into hosting 100,000 people. Shot against the backdrop of the 2016 election and the rise of Donald Trump, The Big House presents a microcosm of the Americana that surrounds every game day.

Film Criticism as Agenda: the Berlin Critics’ Week selects international films intended to promote and create stimulating discussions. The Big House is paired with 8th October 2016, a film that documents the shutdown of Hungary's leftist newspaper Népszabadság. The debate that follows (with a selection of the directors of both films in attendance) will question, "How can documentaries open up and democratize the political?"