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Research Museums Center

RMC Specimen Spotlight Videos

Over a nearly two-year period, more than 12 million specimens from the University of Michigan’s zoology, paleontology, and anthropology collections are being moved to a state-of-the-art off-campus collections and research facility.

This week we're opening some tanks and taking a look at a very rare species of goliath frog.


Checkmate! This Ivory chess set was brought to campus in 1886 after being displayed by the Chinese Imperial Government at the World's Fair in New Orleans.

The pink fairy armadillo, one of the smallest armadillo species. This particular pink fairy armadillo was given to the university by former president of Argentina, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento.

Think the squirrels in Ann Arbor are crazy? Check out the collection at the U-M Museum of Zoology.



“These collections are the result of the work of thousands of scientists for over one hundred years, and the move to the RMC will allow us to preserve that legacy for generations to come.” LSA Dean Andrew Martin