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Donor Recognition

2012 Donors

Thank you to our donors! Your contributions make it possible for RLL to provide scholarships, awards, fellowships, and internship stipends to our students!

Margaret C. Brown

Peter L. Canzano

David Caron

L. Ross Chambers

Nicholas Y. Chang

William A. Clark

Sarah J. Cyganiak

Tamara A. DePonio

Steven N. Dworkin

Jonene M. Eliasson

Mary K. Fancher

Beverly J. Gibbs

Barbara C. Gomez

Peter E. Goodstein

Barbara C. Gottlieb

Timothy R. Green

Janice R. Gross

Michele A. Hannoosh

Sarah M. Helmich

Julie L. Hempel

Peter B. Hoff

Louise K. Horowitz

Sheila M. Jacobs

Suzanne M. Karpus

Thomas M. Klein

Ronni S. Lacroute

Donald R. Maxwell

Jill B. McFarlane

Thomas C. Meehan

Kenneth A. Moore

Karen Z. Motz

Patricia Q. Murray

Beverly S. Nash

Keith A. Palka

William R. Paulson

Susana M. Pecina

Sherri L. Powar

Geoffrey Randall

Tamyra L. Rhodes-O'Neill

Carla Rinaldi

Liana Rinaldi

Jeanne Samples

Raffie Shahrigian

Michael G. Smith

Beverly A. Stone

Mary A. Vaughn

Yannick A. Viers

Janet R. Webley

Robert E. Welke

Hubert P. Weller

Marian S. West

Kathleen Wilson-Thompson

Peter J. Woolf

Charles B. Zimmerman