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Introducing... the RC Podcast!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Residential College Podcast! Click in the tabs below to listen to the pilot episode, featuring two graduating students in the class of 2018, and the second episode, an interview with RC Director Jon Wells.

The Pilot (23 minutes) takes you on a veritable tour of the RC, and will drop you "in media res" in the RC student experience. You'll learn about RC Forums, experiences with faculty and courses in the RC that were instrumental in their undergrad careers, how students enjoy the resources of the larger College of Literature, Science, and the Arts while getting the benefit of the tight-knit community in the RC - and, about some fun "oddities" that may appear that add to the charm and delight of the Residential College! 

The second episode (18:35) will introduce you to Jon Wells in terms of his early experiences that led him to study history, what research he's been up to lately, and about his experiences entering the RC through to his current tenure as Director. 

The transcripts of the pilot and second episode are available here, thanks to the work of Andrea Rodriguez. 

Pilot Episode - Stina Perkins and Darian Razdar 

Episode 2 - Jon Wells

To read about the origin of the podcast and the vision for it, see the news story here