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The Community of Food, Society & Justice Conference, Coming 2019

How to meet the nutritional needs of our communities in ways that protect the planet, promote healthy lives, and ensure food justice are among the greatest challenges facing our Nation and the world in the 21st century. Centuries of unsustainable agricultural practices and inequitable food distribution place our food systems in peril. How we address these challenges and feed a hungry population raise transformative issues for our communities and academics committed to sustainability and food justice throughout the world.

The Community of Food, Society & Justice conference will engage students, faculty, and the community in a rigorous intellectual dialogue around these challenges. The conference will be structured around a foundation of interdisciplinary scholarship that agrees that recognizing structural relations of power are necessary in order to confront race, class, and gender privileges on issues such as food justice.


Presented by:

Residential College 
East Quad Garden
UM Sustainable Food Systems Initiative
UM Sustainable Food Program
UM Campus Farm 
at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens