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Alumni and Friends

  1. Giving Opportunities

Current Students and Alumni Connect!

Hello! I'm Robby Griswold and I'm the Residential College's Communications and Outreach Coordinator --- fancy lingo for "I want to talk to you!" 

Please email me at to update the RC on your news, happenings, or requests.

We are collecting information from alumni who are interested in mentoring or engaging with current RC students. If you'd like to engage, please complete this questionnaire. 

I've started an RC podcast. If you have any ideas for people or topics you'd like to have covered, please email me!

Welcome back to the RC!

One of the founding principles of the RC is that we are a community of life-long learning. This means that faculty in the RC don’t assume they know everything, even after teaching here for 30+ years. This means that when you walk around East Quad and the RC, everyone – from the maintenance crew to administrative staff to the trades-people – are seen as both teachers and students. This means that when our students graduate into the larger world, they leave equipped with a permanent curiosity and humility – great tools to keep you learning all the time.

This also means that we want you to get involved and stay connected to the RC community of life-long learning.

There are many ways to participate. Click on the links below to learn more: