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Alumni and Friends

Current Students and Alumni Connect!

Hello! I'm Robby Griswold and I'm the Residential College's Communications and Outreach Coordinator --- fancy lingo for "I want to talk to you!" 

Please email me at to update the RC on your news, happenings, or requests. We'd like to feature RC alumni in our news feed. 

I've started an RC podcast. If you have any ideas for people or topics you'd like to have covered, please email me!

The RC alumni listed on this page are all willing to be contacted by current RC students. Email them about an internship you're thinking of pursuing, or to explore future employment.  Please identify yourself in the subject line as a current RC student so that your email is not deleted as spam.

Please let me know if any of the email addresses don't work.

Halima Alli - is interested in connecting with some other alumni who grew within and valued the RC as a student at U of M.
Lisette Arsuaga - contact about non-profit management, strategic and multicultural marketing
Patience (Atkin) Jones
Joe Barder - contact  for anyone interested in Education and/or Technology in Education. Would also love to facilitate any college visits to Finland by UMich.
Joseph Cialdella - contact about public humanities/history, museums, cultural heritage, non-profits, graduate school and ceramics. Joe is finishing a PhD in American Culture at the University of Michigan, and so may be available to meet face-to-face
Maddie Conway - contact about labor organizing, workers' rights, the food movement, the restaurant industry, and general career/path advice - all fields welcome
Ellen Dreyer - contact about writing and publishing fiction, working as a writing tutor, and the publishing field
Matt Forbeck - contact about writing, publishing, game design
Amy Czarnecki Gustine - contact about writing, publishing, and teaching literary fiction. Website:
Matt Hayek - contact about law, local government, Peace Corps
Malcolm Hein - contact about information technology support, aerial photography.
Kristin Herron - contact about museums/historic sites, non-profit arts, grants management, state and federal government careers in the arts, also for information about the possibility of an unpaid summer internship in grant management
Alison Kenyon - contact about anything theatre-related. Alison has spent time in the costume shops, as a theatrical electrician, and stage management, and has many friends who are actively involved in hiring at theatres or are capable of having meaningful conversations about what it's like to live the technical theatre lifestyle
Chris Lindensmith, RC '88 - contact about physics careers, aerospace and holography.

Jill Mailing graduated from the RC in 2012 with a major in Psychology and an ICP in Education Studies. After graduation, she went to work for an education technology nonprofit based out of Texas, and spent a year in San Antonio followed by three years in Huntington, West Virginia. In 2017, she returned to Michigan and now works for local Ann Arbor education nonprofit Apple Playschools as Communications Manager. She loves to talk about education, local food, conscious business practices, nonprofits, social justice, her time in the RC, and more, and welcomes connections with other RC grads by email or Linkedin

Lynn Malinoff - , RC '73. lives in Ann Arbor and is the director of a large network of out-of-school time programs focused on Social Emotional Learning, developing youth voice, governance and agency. She is  always looking for folks to work with youth in local schools

Erika Mallin - contact about internships in arts/theater management (RC '87)
Iris Meltzer - contact about grant-writing, program planning and development, strategic planning, collaboration, evaluation and careers in public health
Cole Merkel - contact about nonprofit, working with people experiencing homelessness/poverty, post-graduate service/Americorps (specifically about Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest)
Mark McClelland - contact about software development or creative writing
Angenette Munoz - contact about human rights law and/or immigration law
Mark Navarro - contact about Teach for American or educational non-profits|
Elizabeth Parker - contact about media/publishing and freelance writing
Patricia R. Payette, Ph.D. - contact about jobs in arts administration; earning a doctorate in the humanities; alternative academic (alt-ac) jobs at a university, aside from being a professor.
Julianne Potter - contact about sustainability-related fields and networking advice.
Whitney Russell
- contact about anthropology PhD programs and work in International NGOs
Elizabeth Bovair Schill - contact about careers in federal government, non-profit, consulting/business, world employment, human capital strategies, workforce planning and analysis, cybersecurity, international development, development economics, disabilities rights and employment, China/Tibet relations,obtaining a Master's Degree overseas
Ty Symroski - contact about careers in city/environmental planning
Barbara Twist - contact about independent filmmaking, non-profits, art house theaters, and film festivals
Rich Wallach - contact about social entrepreneurship, comprehensive community development (currently working on a project that will  repurpose abandoned schools as community centers),  urban planning
Nathaniel Warshay - contact about non-profit management, social work, homelessness, fundraising. See profile at
Eric Weltman - is an organizer, writer and educator based in Brooklyn, and is willing to share informaiton with students in any of these areas. For more about him go to: Robin Wolfson - contact about career areas in marketing, psychology, and entrepreneurial ventures

Welcome back to the RC!

One of the founding principles of the RC is that we are a community of life-long learning. This means that faculty in the RC don’t assume they know everything, even after teaching here for 30+ years. This means that when you walk around East Quad and the RC, everyone – from the maintenance crew to administrative staff to the trades-people – are seen as both teachers and students. This means that when our students graduate into the larger world, they leave equipped with a permanent curiosity and humility – great tools to keep you learning all the time.

This also means that we want you to get involved and stay connected to the RC community of life-long learning.

There are many ways to participate. Click on the links below to learn more: